Come on in.  This blog is dedicated to sharing my relationship with Jesus with you.  I promise to be as open as I can without giving anyone else’s privacy away.  I have been a pastor for over twenty years but I hope you won’t let the prejudices that come with that color your thinking about me.

Here are a few things about me.  I am a regular guy.  I am newly in my fifties; married to a wonderful woman for thirty-plus years.  All the cliches are true about us.  We are childhood sweethearts, she was a cheerleader and I played football.  She is my best friend, lover, and life partner.  My love for her has grown enormously through the years.  Not only has my love increased but my admiration for her has no end.   I have raised three children that I love deeply and  I am very proud of.  They have all married amazing partners who my wife and I  also love and think very highly of.  We have a few more young folks who have joined our family along the way that we are blessed to share our lives with.    I love football.  I coached high school ball at the freshman and JV level for eight years.  After a break I coached the sixth graders in our youth league.  i continue to coach them as seventh graders. They are awesome.  I am also a very enthusiastic woodworker.  My garage serves as my shop and is often in shambles when I am in the middle of some project.  Reading is a big part of my life.  My favorite is optimistic science fiction/fantasy novels.  I don’t mind a dark world as long as their is light in it.  I really believe in “happily ever after”.  I know that one person can rise up and make a difference.  Deborah, Samson, Esther, Joseph, David, Mary, and like Paul said time would fail if I named all those who by faith in a good God changed their world.  They didn’t do it all by themselves but they stood for good and others joined them in victory.

My devotions are for me but I am willing to share them.  When John’s disciple asked Jesus where He was staying He answered, “Come and see.”  Those two went and remained with Him.  Philip found Nathaniel and told him they had found the one Moses had promised.  Nathaniel questioned Philip about the worth of whatever came from Nazareth and Philip answered him the same way, “Come and see.”  Come and see is my offer to you.  I want you to look into my life and see all that Jesus has done.  I am not trying to impress anyone with my page just show them what the Lord is doing in me.  So, welcome to you.  I trust that our sharing together will build our faith.

His Grace Be Upon Us All


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