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The Best Loss Ever!

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Football

This week my team lost (again)!  I cannot express the depth of dissatisfaction I feel when I lose!!!!  Ask anyone who knows me.  I really don’t deal well with it at all.  So I found my self surprised because I was able to be happy because we improved.  It was obvious.  It was clear.  My guys stepped up.  Even though they lost (badly), I was proud of all they had accomplished.  I told them all how great they were.  The loss still doesn’t sit well with me but somehow it is tolerable knowing that some new young men are rising in their masculinity.  They are learning to be aggressive and violent within the scope of society’s permission.  They are beginning to understand that loving each other means fighting for each other against a common foe.  I can hardly wait to get back to practice with them.  My enthusiasm is driving me to prepare drills to give them knew skills for their next contest.

This new found tolerance comes despite some questionable reffing and some clearly out of bounds parents.  I saw 16 guys overcome many obstacles including; their own doubts, a better team, past failures, embarrassment (caused by their dads), bad calls, and low expectations of others.  Yes, in spite of all these blocks they chose to improve.  They trusted the training I had given them in practice and raised their game.  We scored!  We stood up to them.  We still lost.  Losing will never sit well with me, but the pride I feel towards them swells bigger than any disappointment I have with the outcome of our endeavor.