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Today was a very good day as there were no discipline problems, several teachers asked me to reserve days for them in my calendar, and one of my favorite students kept running into me in the hall and telling everyone she was my favorite student.  This was offset by the withering looks from a young lady who was difficult in class last year.  Then many of the 7th grade football players were all excited when they recognized me from our common practice field in the hall and classroom.

I serve in our community as a substitute school teacher.  Mostly in our local Jr. High.  Since I am a sub my first day back was the last day of their first week.  That means they are settling into the structures their teachers have developed for their classes.  It means I have to get up to speed fast.   If I am really honest, Jr. Highers are my favorite age group.  I like them a lot.  They are old enough to function and follow directions but they are still fresh enough to believe in the magical.  They generally not cynical yet.  They are bright and energetic.  Hanging out with them wears me out but there is often a great pay-off before the day is done.  I am sure the youthful pheromones will counteract any stresses that occur.

I know I said they were bright earlier but that is the word that rises up in my thoughts every time I think of the students in our Jr. High.  Only a little while ago I was 13.  It seemed like anything was possible.  We were promised flying cars by the year 2000.  Apple, IBM, and Microsoft were arcane titles that were truly understood only by those who were initiated into the secrets of BASIC and FORTRAN.  I think that is one of the reasons I enjoy teaching this age group.  It reminds me of when I was first capable of understanding the world around me and still fresh enough to believe I could improve the world.  I remember who I really am.  A bright, burning being with the power to make things better.  It helps me put away my sense of futility.  It gets me ready to face the rest of the world smiling with secrets that only I know.